What do I do if I am falling in love with my best friend even though he has a girlfriend?


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Chidera James answered

It's kinda crazy but I get you cause I was in the same position , My friend and I were really close and I was falling for him like crazy but he had a gf. First of all, remember he's you best friend so you have to support him, respect the fact that he's in a relationship. Pushing boundaries, forcing yourself on him or trying to ruin his relationship will crack your friendship. 

Try to find someone for yourself, you need to focus on a positive friendship and put his happiness before yours, that's the only way to prove you really love him.

Don't try to break him and his gf apart, just stay calm, positive and supportive, you never know, you might fall for someone else and look back at this moment and laugh. Love is a strong word though, I don't know your age but perhaps you really do love him, if it's really meant to be, it will work out trust me.

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