I'm A Lesbian Falling In Love With My Female Friend ...what Do I Do?


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Go at her love her make out with her squeeze her boobs rub her ass lick her pee hair then make out with her fully naked kiss kiss kiss then you just make her way gay
Oooh girl your not the only one one I kinda had a crush on  my ex bff but she acts lika boy and fight like one but she's not gay but if you relly like her just be honest with her and just let her know how you really feel and how you really feel about her
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Do what lesbians do...
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okay so basically since she is straight. You gotta hang out with her a lot ,listen to love songs when you hang, where revealing clothes around her and stare at her a lot. And like you gotta be close in general also staring always works it turned someone I know from straight to gay I told my friend the same thing and she got lucky

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Just let her noe if she is straight the worst she can say is "no" it's better than eating up your feelings and hurting your self. If she is your real friend she willa accept  you as you r!
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Try not to indulge your feelings, even if this means distancing yourself from her for a while. You know she isn't gay so you know you can't be with her romantically so try to keep the friendship intact. Good luck

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