Can A Straight Girl Fall In Love With A Lesbian?


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JJ Jennings answered
It is possible for you to fall in love with another girl, it just means that your sexuality has changed. I had a gay friend who fell in love with me, so its sorta the same thing
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Hello Boss answered
Straight means Heterosexual and Lesbian means Homosexual and then there is Bisexual which means that you swing both ways. If you are Female and love Females then you are Homosexual, If you are Female and only Males attract you then you are Heterosexual, If both sexes attract you then you are Bisexual
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Anonymous answered
Totally! Its their choice!
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Basically, what Carleigh said, they'd end up being bi or a lesbian themselves.
Carleigh Fouquette Profile
Well it wouldnt make them straight >.< It would make them either Bi or Homosexual, you can't have your cake and eat it too you know what I mean
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soosa fred answered
Straight people get attracted to the opposite sex only. So if a girl fall in love with a girl then she's either a lesbian or a bisexual.
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Ray Ottewell answered
Yeh I think so,if you are not a lesbian, there is still that thing called, the love of a friend, not all love is a sexual thing.

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