Can a young girl in her teens fall in love with a man who is in his late 40's and have never met each other who is a complete stranger?


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Brittnay Ahmed answered
No that is totally against the law
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Martha Edgar answered
Yes, it can happen.  Love knows no bounds . But be careful, there are a lot of charlatans out there .
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Amed Hamza
Amed Hamza commented
Please tell me if this is the case can a 14 year old girl have a relationship with a 45 year old man ?
Martha Edgar
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You can be in love with him. But you cannot have a sexual relationship. That would be wrong, as you are considered underage . I hope it all works out for you . Good luck, I hope he loves you and respects you .
Steve Robinson
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14? That's so wrong...
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Sweet Tina answered
Yes it is possible but most of the time, what teens are attract by ppl n call that love, which is normaly called like. N I would say that for the 1st time when you'll meet him take a friend with you just in case coz you never know. You should always be carefull. I'm not saying that he's a bad guy but you know when you never met some1 then you don't completly know that person. Maybe all what the person was talling you were lies... I hope you wont take my advise offense or mean. Be careful :) ( btw I'm 16 n it happened to me but with a 25 years old guy ) good luck! :D
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Steve Robinson answered
If you have never met him, how can you be in love with him?  Sound more like a case of internet infatuation to me.
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Bethany answered
Amed, I Agree With Martha, Love has NO Bounds But I really think you should be careful Of Him, Especially When he is a total Stranger... And if you ever go out to meet him tell someone! Xx Good luck! Xxx
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If you haven't met him and he's a 45 year old man online then he's probably a pedo and you should not meet with him

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