What Are 5 Things That Matter Most In A Healthy Relationship?


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brandon brown answered
Tha first thing you have to have is :

equal love
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Julia answered
Similar Sense of humor
Friendship, not necessarily in that order.

Intimacy is also important and I don't mean the type of intimacy that you get from the bedroom. I mean the type that comes from feeling that you and your secrets and your fears are safe with this person. That this friend is your best friend and you can share anything with him/her and it will be safe.
Eunice Kwarteng Profile
Eunice Kwarteng answered
The five most important things in a healthy relationships is honesty, love, trust, support, and of course respect. Make sure he/she does all these things to you. Because if he/she doesn't than he/she obviously don't like or want you.
jacques slabouz Profile
jacques slabouz answered
Compatibility, trust, respect, faithfulness, honesty, best friend and lover...
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Joan answered
LOVE is # 1, of course.  Following that: Trust, mutual respect, empathy toward each other, and a desire to see that your partner is happy beyond your own desires.
Grant Robinson Profile
Grant Robinson answered
Love, Honesty, respect, Compatibility and you have to have each others back that's what I think a healthy relationship needs.
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Michelle Phy answered
I can only answer for myself but it would be god in our lives, trust, loyalty, friendship, dedication, honesty but mostly really liking the other person. Sorry, that was 7.

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