Does education in a relationship matter?


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It happens that after years of unsuccessful emotional life, educated woman finds happiness in the arms of a man without schools. Find out how to cultivate such a relationship and just enjoy it!

Mezalians still alive

It happens that a person from the city moves to the countryside, associated with someone from a different social group. It seems that the more these worlds are different, the lower the chances of survival. Meanwhile, an intelligent lawyer may turn out to be a tyrant, and a valued professor - a life idiot. That is why the older we are, the more often we look for a man who will give us real life support.

Do not change for strength.

If you found such a person, enjoy your happiness. You may be tempted to change your beloved wardrobe or its menu. But if you fell in love with a man in a plaid shirt who likes bread with lard, do not put it in a suit and give it shrimps, because he will doubt the sincerity of your feelings. Let him be yourself and do not worry about the comments of the surroundings.


Differences in education do not have to generate quarrels. Do you have diplomas on your account? Show yourself wisdom. Do not show superiority, rather show how you can support yourself. That you will go abroad without any worries, because you know English and he will repair the car if necessary.

Points of

interest It is worth having common interests, which does not mean that you have to do everything together. Go alone to the theater when he watches his favorite show. Search for tangent points where they are. Do you both like nature? Joint trips can provide you with wonderful experiences. You may find yourself interested in astronomy. It happens that woman with class, it mobilizes a man to change, to invest in himself. But the initiative should always come from him.

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Many people interrelated education with relationship they say if we are in relationship with someone then they can't concentrate with their career 

But in reality if partner is good then it can also help in education

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As with everything else, it depends on the couple. I have an AA degree, while my husband has a master's degree. The degrees and level of education are just time spent in a classroom, not a barometer of intelligence. We are an intellectual match, so it is works.

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Depends on the nature of the relationship. If it’s someone I intend to date, hell yes, it matters a great deal.

If it’s someone I hired to cut my grass, no, it doesn’t matter at all.

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Everyone has a different choice. For some people, the level of education is not important as they want to be in a relationship with a loyal, kind or generous man/woman. However, for me, it does matter because I think that it is easier to communicate with those who are more educated.

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