What Is The Best Relationship Between Parents And Children?


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Just like with any relationship, building a positive relationship between parent and child is one that requires work and effort to make it strong and successful. Parenting is a tough job, and maintaining close relationships and open communications helps to ensure parents and their children stay connected through all ages of their upbringing. Here are 10 simple tips for enhancing the bond between parent and child.
1. Say I Love You
Tell your child you love him every day -- no matter his age. Even on trying days or after a parent-child disagreement, when you don't exactly "like your child" at that moment, it is more important than ever to express your love. A simple "I love you" goes a long way toward developing and then strengthening a relationship.
2. Teach Your Faith
Teach your child about your faith and beliefs. Tell him what you believe and why. Allow time for your child to ask questions and answer them honestly. Reinforce those teachings often.
3. Establish A Special Name Or Code Word
Create a special name for your child that is positive and special or a secret code word that you can use between each other. Use the name as a simple reinforcement of your love. The code word can be established to have special meaning between your child and you that only you two understand. This code word can even be used to extract a child from an uncomfortable situation (such as a sleepover that is not going well) without causing undue embarrassment to the child.
4. Develop And Maintain A Special Bedtime Ritual
For younger children, reading a favorite bedtime book or telling stories is a ritual that will be remembered most likely throughout their life. Older children should not be neglected either. Once children start reading, have them read a page, chapter, or short book to you. Even most teenagers still enjoy the ritual of being told goodnight in a special way by a parent--even if they don't act like it!
5. Let Your Children Help You
Parents sometimes inadvertently miss out on opportunities to forge closer relationships by not allowing their child to help them with various tasks and chores. Unloading groceries after going to the store is a good example of something that children of most ages can and should assist with. Choosing which shoes look better with your dress lets a child know you value her opinion. Of course, if you ask, be prepared to accept and live with the choice made!
6. Play With Your Children
The key is to really play with your children. Play with dolls, ball, make believe, checkers, sing songs, or whatever is fun and interesting. It doesn't matter what you play, just enjoy each other! Let kids see your silly side. Older kids enjoy cards, chess, computer games, while younger ones will have fun playing about anything...as long as it involves you!
7. Eat Meals As A Family
You've heard this before, and it really is important! Eating together sets the stage for conversation and sharing. Turn the TV off, and don't rush through a meal. When schedules permit, really talk and enjoy one another. It can become a quality time most remembered by young and old alike.
8. Seek Out One-On-One Opportunities Often
Some parents have special nights or "standing dates" with their children to create that one-on-one opportunity. Whether it is a walk around the neighborhood, a special trip to a playground, or just a movie night with just the two of you, it is important to celebrate each child individually. Although it is more of a challenge the more children in a family, it is really achievable! Think creatively and the opportunities created will be ones that you remember in the future.
9. Respect Their Choices
You don't have to like their mismatched shirt and shorts or love how a child has placed pictures in his room. However, it is important to respect those choices. Children reach out for independence at a young age, and parents can help to foster those decision-making skills by being supportive and even looking the other way on occasion. After all, it really is okay if a child goes to daycare with a striped green shirt and pink shorts.
10. Make Them A Priority In Your Life
Your children need to know that you believe they are a priority in your life. Children can observe excessive stress and notice when they feel you are not paying them attention. Sometimes, part of being a parent is not worrying about the small stuff and enjoying your children. They grow up so fast, and every day is special. Take advantage of your precious time together while you have it!
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It's very effective. Children feel closer to parents who treat them like friends and listen to them more than those who rule by fear. When you treat your child like a friend, he/she will confide everything in you and this way can be saved from doing a lot of stuff that could be harmful for them or get them into trouble. Being a friend to your kid makes them feel closer to you, and protect them from outside influences that may be attractive but may get them into trouble.
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I don't know whats best but I do know what I have with mine and I like it this way. I had my children pretty young and I have a great friend relationship with them. They know what I say goes but they also know they can talk to me about anything. I struggled for a while but I am glad know I did it that way and they see me as a friend and a mother. I think it confuses them and me at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!♥
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I believe it's good to be their  friend when their young,but,as they get into teen's-you have to be more parent than friend -My kid's are 22yrs.,16yrs.,& 11yrs.-I've been through all the stage's & if your too much a "friend " there come's a time they think they can get away w/ anything-it's kind of a balancing thing-they have to know you are there for them whenever they need you-or just need to talk,but also know that you DO lay the rule's & expect for them to abide by them.My older girl & me had real rough teen time's,but now, we're best friend's.I believe if you are more friend than mom, they are missing out-they may not tell you,but,they DO like structure from a parent. Don't know if this helped much-but,hope it did.
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I think parents should have moderate behaviour with their childrens because god gave them such a great post to their children,it is right that parents should have friend like relationship but they can't because they want to see their children perfect and if we take our parents like friend soon we will see that we r sharing our problems with our parents not Friends because there is huge difference b/w our and their age and thinking.
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My mom is my best friend but she is also my mom. I'm 41 and we are very close but there are certain things I don't talk to my mom about. You can be both but don't ever close that invisible line between a mom and best friend relationship.
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The best to me,is a relation that is  very open, where the both parents like consultants, are ever ready and open to listen to their children,and to advice them on how to live well as they grow.
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I have two kids.A boy and a girl ages 17 and 16.We are friends,but at the same time they know when I mean business.Sometimes I have to ground them and I hate doing that.I love them very much.I don't believe in the dictator style,tough love methods because that drives kids away.I want them to be able to come to me with any problem no matter what it is.My daughter told me I'm the greatest mom in the whole world.It made me feel wonderful.

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