What Are The Causes And Effects Of Poor Relationship Between Parents And Children?


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A big cause is age difference and different way of thinking.
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Threw my experience with my Familia was the fact that they wanted to be my friend as well as a mother or father figure. Two or having a mother or father not present throughout their life and all of a sudden want to come back in their life. I think People have to really realize that to a child when someone they love leaves theres a question WHY? WHY did they leave is it my fault? They feel alone. I know threw my relationship with my mother she was in and out of my life, causing me to feel confused and rebellious towards her. I think another cause can be just parents not talking to your children. Children have the right to know what's going on.
Though I'm 19 goin on 20 soon and I do have to say "It's Never Too Late", It's never to late to try and not fix but work it out because I'll never forget but It's human to Forgive. My mom was in and out my life as soon as I became pregnant she came into my life and since been there for me. It's funny how Life Works.
All I got to say Is just LOVE your kids enjoy every minute with them. Because you can never get that back.

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