Do you think it's a bad thing if you're not married by age 35?


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Nope and it happens for whatever reason and if shes truly happy and this is where she wants to be then more power to her and one day someone will come along and shatter her world and change everything
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Not at all.  Oftentimes it is better to wait and not jump into a marital relationship with someone than to find out that they aren't the right person for you.  Thirty-five isn't too old and it is better to wait than to go through misery with the wrong person or the trama of divorce.  So hang in there.  The only down side, at least from the female point of view, is having children.  But even without the strides that are being made to avoid birth defects in children of older mothers, 40-45 still isn't too old ... 50 maybe.  But 35, no way ... That would be a good time because you are old enough to know who you are and were you are going, while younger than that you are still discovering those things.
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I was just wondering . Because for me I don't feel that is to old. I'd definitely absolutely 100 percent agree with what you're saying . I do see is everybody being married around me .then they ask me, "when are getting married?" & then that look . But thank you at least I'm not the only 1 that feels that way !!!!!

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