If you have never been married by age 30 is there any hope for you?


10 Answers

Melissa Trempel Profile
Melissa Trempel answered
Of course, your a late bloomer, lol. You will find you're prince charming.
sunil kumar Profile
sunil kumar answered
It is better than marriage at 25 and divorce at 30
Jeffrey Profile
Jeffrey answered
Yes, there is. My uncle was married at 43 and he is leading a good life.
mido ibrahimi Profile
mido ibrahimi answered
Never give up on love as the proverb said '' never give up on love cause it may knock on your door when you least expect it!!!!
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Sure marriag knows no age barriers
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Age would only be an important issue in marriage,should a woman be thinking about childbearing.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Sure, marriage is just an idea, and agreed upon concept.
It is nothing you should ever judge your self worth on.

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