What do you do if this girl wants to fight you and she's bigger and taller than you? Do you fight her or tell someone? What if you don't want to back down from a bully?


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yvette Jones answered
You tell the teacher that she said she wanted to fight you. Tell the counselor or the principal. But if she touches you you just have to go crazy on them. Even though theres a chance that you might get beat up you give her a few things to remember you by. Remember that the bigger they are the harder they fall. Hopefully the teachers will be looking out for you. Also if you have a bigger cousin or relative that can take her ask them to help you out. This way she can see how it feels to get beaten up by a bigger girl. Good luck sweetie and God Bless....
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cheryl perez answered
I would just fight! The worst that can happen is you get your a$$ whopped. Just because your smaller doesn't mean you can't win. Don't be a snitch!
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Arthur Wright answered
Tell someone as there is absolutely nothing to be gained here by getting your a** whooped
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Janey answered
The only way to get rid of this bully is to fight dirty and show that you're not somebody to be messed around with.She's hoping to call your bluff and intimidate you without a fight.A street fight beating on this girl will get rid of her and make her think twice about picking on someone else.
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Larry Hunt answered
I would definitely talk to someone at your school before trying to fight.  Act bored or uninterested in any comments a bully says to you.  They are picking on you to get attention, but if you don't give a good reaction then there's little satisfaction for the bully.  Crying, acting angry or any reaction at all is what a bully is hoping for from you.  If this girl is dead set on fighting you then ignoring her won't stop her and in that case you should definitely talk to a counselor, teacher or principal about her.
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Just be careful you dont want to get ur backside whooped so just slap her if your a girl if ur a boy punch easy but then you will get done by the teacherz lol x

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