How Do You Really Know If Someone Loves You And Feels The Same Way About You As You Feel About Them Or If They Just Need You Or Telling You What You Want To Hear?


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That's really a tought question there... Well, it's not at all an easy job to know how someone feels for you, or rather he/she is just pretending in a way as if to make you feel good and make you feel secured... It's a big problem if a situation like this arise, trust me I'm going through the same confusion that you are... And I believe you just need to give it sometime to analyze the situation, You cannot make any wrong move based on what you feel is right, and who know weather it's right or not, take your time to know that person better and you need to be sure about what you are going to to with this... Don't let that person make a misconception that you know that that person likes yo and you are taking that person for granted and waiting for him/her to respond. It's a bad situation for anyone... Figure out more things, try to know that person in close... Give it sometime, and if at all that person is just pretending just because he/she doesn't want to hurt your feeling than sooner you will find that out... But yes, If that person really likes you then you have to wait for sometime at least... Don't wait for long, it might make that person to move on if he/she is not confident enough to approach you... So make that person feel like you like him/her everyday... Do certain thing.. Give that person few indications everyday that will help him/her to realize slowly that you are in love with him/her, and if its fate that he/she has to move on... Try all fair means to keep her/him to you... And if ar all it doesn't work then let her/him slip away and don't regret that its a bad thing the happened, coz then it will be clear that this person was not meant for you.... Best of luck

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