How Can I Tell If My Girlfriend Really Loves Me?


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There is no real way to tell if another person is in love with you. Of course, they may show you certain signs that may indicate their affections towards you, but only they can tell you how they really feel.

First of all, ask yourself do you love her?
If you aren't sure or even have the slightest bit of doubt in your mind, then why are you trying so hard to make sure she loves you? If you do love her, then you just have to put your faith in her and hope that she will return your love for you. At this point, most people complain that they are going to end up getting hurt and the answer is yes, you may get hurt but at least you will have tried to find love. If they return your love then great! I hope you are very happy together, if not, then you will hurt for a little while but you will find someone else. It is just a sign that you weren't meant to be together.

Eventually, you will find someone that you love beyond belief and who feels the same way about you, and it will feel so much better than any previous relationship. Call me a romantic optimist but that is just my opinion. Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve because it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before, as Alfred Lord Tennyson once said.

Are there any signs to look for to know if my girlfriend really loves me?
You can look for as many signs as you want and analyse her behaviour, but all it comes down to is if she tells you she loves you, then you just need to trust that she does. Because if she has said that she does, then it is probably true. If you start to doubt her, then you'll doubt the relationship and if you put too much pressure on a relationship then you will just make her want to walk away, it's unfortunate but true
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Relationships are always going up and down. If she said she did, she probably does. If you keep asking her all the time that will bring up the anger. Just try to relax on the asking her if she does and just enjoy the relationship. Sometimes if one presses too hard on the relationship it will make the other want to walk away.
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I am in a relationship with a a girl and I have severe back problems which would ease with a gentgle massage. My girlfriend don't even offer to relieve the pain! I spend money on her and she doesn't care this is an obvious clue that she doesn't love me but some of us choose to go around with our eyes shut. If you doubt then your doubt is usually right
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o so when i keep on ask my girl if she really love an some time she get so mad at me. am i pushing her away from me...
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It's almost 5 months with my girlfriend and I love her completely, It feels just like yesterday that we first met each other, I can honestly say I am truly in love with her, and things are going well, we are both similar in every aspect of our relationship, and we have many things in common. A little too much in common, sometimes she scares me with the things we have in common. Whenever we have a problem we always come straight to each other to talk it out, we believe everyone is pretty dumb in relationships, and we have our minds set on not doing anything dumb like a lot of people do in relationships, we learn from other peoples mistakes, and will not intend on doing such. I truly believe I found the love of my life, and I will one day marry her. And I say this to all my fellow brothers out there. " There is love, and there is always going to be that one special person that you belong with, just have faith and when the time is right, you will know!"- Rafael and Justine Sanchez

Good luck and may god SPEED!
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Well love stands different for poles apart people, in different age groups. To know that someone really loves you or not is not that much difficult as one may feel. But at the same time it's not trouble-free to judge someone in just few meetings. At times people do play harsh games on you. And you might be just a toy to play with for them. So first of all be careful but to some reasonable extent. Do believe that everyone in this so called dream world at least once falls in love with someone. Well to know does the other person really loves you or not. First of all make your mind clear at what you take as love. now if somebody respects you, give you ones time at every moment, showing you her concern ,giving you her hand in hour of help and giving you her shoulder to cry when you really need that. Time and communication with each other are most important.

Just first of all trust her and give you trust as well. If she loves you then as it is said love is blind she will definitely trust you blindly for everything. But try hard to be trust worthy and keep your promise.

At the end I would like to say, do remember there are variety of persons in this world. some of them show their love at once or you can say mostly falls in love just at first sight some are too shy to express. So give time to your love and remember
Haste makes waste
Praying for you.
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Guys......if you want to be forever loved by your the gal who is really religious....because it consists of everything...honesty/trustworthy/harmony.....
M damn sure...she will never leave you......
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How do I now my girlfriend really love me cause she don't want to go out wit me or nothing like that and it's been like 4 months we been together but it's been a long time we new each other
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Their are person that is not showy to their feelings maybe your girlfriend is one of those.
As long as she is with you and sometimes she's telling that she loves you it is already enough evidence that she really loves you.
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You need to tell her it is really bothering you. If she does not hear you out and try to change things. Then I hate to say it but there are better girls out there. There is no need to worry your self over her. Buckle down on studying... Girls can be VERY distracting.  She In my honest opinion Does not Truly Love you. She would not call you name's or Blow something like that off if she did... I would DUMP her and move on with my life. As hard as it sounds.. Its better then getting hurt even more.
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Love is entirely unconditional, and doesnt change, if it wavers at all it is just passion, love doesnt change, and just be urself, I don't tell my gf that I love her, even though she says she loves me, you can't just say it unless you are absolutly sure.
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Tell her to not get mad. That your just confused on where you guys are in the relationship. And it should be fine from there. I'm fourteen and I believe I'm in love. We have an understanding on this. And we have been together for over a year. Which isn't saying much but whatever.

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