I Can't Tell If My Girlfriend Likes Me I Mean She Says She Does But I Feel Like Sometimes I'm A Little More Romantic Then She Is?


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Elizabeth D. answered
Hey tubzz, here's a news flash..not all girls are romantic! It doesn't mean that they don't like or love you. Have you been dating her long enough to know what she likes? If she's into romantic things like books, movies or music however doesn't like to share the romance of it with you then you might have something to worry about. On the other hand, if she's into horror or action movies, hardcore music, or anything that doesn't incorporate romance then she's just being herself and that's something you'll have to accept in order to be happy with her. You can always invite her to "your side of love" and if she loves you she'll do her best to satisfy your needs as well. It isn't all that bad to be the only romantic one in the relationship, in a way you balance each other out by being different.
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Melissa Hite answered
There is probably more to her than that maybe she just likes to talk maybe she has been hurt before and don't want to let you get to close talk to her you don't know unless you ask.
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holly patrice answered
Maybe that's just her way of been romantic, or she doesn't know how to be romantic to you in case you think that shes been to forward and giving you the wrong idea
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Maybe shes just unsure of herself, like she wants to be romantic but shes afraid you will think it weird or something. She likes you so much, she just doesn't want to lose you!

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