If A Shy Guy Likes A Girl How Does He React?


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Well, based on my observation, if he likes a girl, then he'll kinda make a distance with that girl.. Or maybe, when that girl asks him something, he'll not look in the eyes and maybe, just maybe, he'll get his tongue twisted when answering... When he likes a girl, he's not going to allow anybody to know that feeling.. He'd deny it but, actions speaks louder than words so, you'll notice if he likes a girl....
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Actually, there are many ways of knowing if that shy guy likes you. It makes it even easier to know if he is shy, because shy people are more emotional.
Give him time and use that time to get closer to him. Be friendly with to him once in a while and let him expand. Shy people need a chance to express themselfs. Give him that chance.
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Haha :) this makes me luagh cause my bf is the that way. Hes shy and calm and mellow and I'm so freakingg crazy. But anyways to answer your question, you could tell right of the back when they lke a girl. If they look at you a lot and get nervous when you pass by them or get red (juss like my bf) they like youu. Thats the way I could tell my bf liked me. If you try talking to them and they get all tongue twisted and fidgety that has to be a sign they like youu. But yeahh ((: I hope I helped you in some way. Bye:)
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If he talks to you...
I'm a shy guy myself..... And trust me, being over the top or overt is not the deck for people like me.
People such as myself will just strike up a conversation and that may not hold any ques about interest... But the longer you talk, and the longer they engage you in conversation, the better it is.
Because if they are anything like me... They don't much like BS and so if they keep talking to you, it means they care.
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He might blush when he sees you or he acts strange around you. This is a 40% chance guess by the way. Not all shy people do this.
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Can you help me mine crush is shy and I'm shy. So we have never spoken to each other but he looks at me?
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Well he usually he holds back his feelings - but you know, if you think it through, how shy aoure you, what have you got to lose by taking a chance - she may say yes you have something nice in mind to ask her to join you. Where do you hang out usually, does she go to the same place - go for it..... You've nothing to lose and everything to gain. How would it feel if she said yes and you had a really good time together, what might you have done differently. Don't think about it, just go for it - hi, I'm Anonymous way, Hi I'm somebody....say you're name how's it going for you - like to chill out and have something in mind. You've nothing to lose, you can do it, can you not.... YES!!

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