Why Would A Loud, Outgoing, And Flirty Guy Be Shy Around A Girl Who Is Also Shy?


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There are two main reasons an outgoing guy might act shyly around you:

  1. He likes you, and doesn't feel as confident around you because of his feelings.
  2. He feels like you can see through his outgoing exterior.
Why would an outgoing guy all of a sudden act shy? I have to say that the most likely reason is that he has feelings for you.

Guys have a tendency of being outgoing and loud when they're with their friends - but the truth is most guys are shy deep down.

There could be something about being around you that strips away that confident charade, and exposes his true personality a little bit more.

If I were you, I'd try spending a little more time with this guy. Maybe once he gets used to being around you, he'll feel a little more at ease.

And if you're shy as well, you might find it easier connecting with someone who is slightly shy too.

Loud guy is shy around me
A loud guy might also be shy around you if he feels that you understand him better than most girls.

Whilst most girls might only see his loud and flirty personality, he might feel like you've connected on a deeper level and that might leave him feeling a little exposed.

Whatever the reason behind his shyness, a guy who acts this way around you is most likely to be harboring some feelings for you.

I'd suggest spending some time to get to know each other.

You might find that, over time, the shyness you're both experiencing will fade away.
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Yup! He really likes you but is worried about getting rejected. Maybe he thinks about you differently from other girls.
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Maybe he likes you. He feels that if he talks to you, he'll get rejected or embarrassed.

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