I sometimes think that my boyfriend is embarrassed about me, because im loud and outgoing, how do i get him to not be so embarrassed?


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Sarah answered
Try toning it down a little. You can't make him not feel embarrassed you'll just have to ease him into your personality and give him time to love you just the way you are. If you really care about him you won't want him to be feel embarrassed. Don't change, just tone it down a tad. HOWEVER, you can't say for sure if he's embarrassed, try asking him straight out or asking hypothetically. (Would you be embarrassed if I ______ (fill in the blank) I hope everything works out :)
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Betty Cheng answered
Toning your voice down a bit. =) j/k well, maybe... Consider that thought kindly. But I'm like that too when I'm hanging out with anyone or with my bf. He think's I'm stupid but in a cute way. At the end, he loves me no matter what. So, if your bf thinks your loud and outgoing, what does he want you to do be quiet and boring? My answer to you is to not really change yourself... But maybe "test" your bf's wish. Try not to be yourself for a day or so... Let's see how he reacts to your uninteresting behavior. Maybe he'll feel like he lost you somewhere and wants the funny cool you back. Why did he like you in the first place? Good luck.
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sunil kumar answered
Talk about that topic and said don't embarrassed.
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Arthur Wright answered
This is you being yourself so he will just have to get used to it regardless if he wants to be with you
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rere oraha answered
If he really cared about you and loved you he would love everything about you cause thats what makes you

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