I Am About To Let My Boyfriend Know That I Am A Big Fan Of Oral Sex Being Done To Me. How Can I Teach Him The Art And Technique Of This Act Without Embarrassment?


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Jim English answered
During your next session of oral on him, spin around and face plant him. while he's doing his performance, guide him along
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steve leech answered
Well you need to show him what you want done,be sure to give him the nod when he is performing cunningulus on you,he may not have the experience to perform this on you but a gentle tongue is the way he can explore that region for you,don't rush him to do but build up to it,and be sure you smell good for him also very important!
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Ronald Mims answered
Well, if you could get a female friend to perform oral sex on you he could learn from watching.
melissa childers Profile
Try writing him a note. You can always explain things more in depth in letters
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Anonymous answered
You can always show him an example with a dvd and leave it somewhere for him so that maybe he knows what you want and if that doesnt help get with him in bed and show him that you are trying to expirement with him and if he continues then go for it
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The best way is to set an example. Don't expect to get cunninglus if you don't give him felacio but some men might but not most. Let him know in your own words how much it would turn you on if he ate you out. Most men want to pleasure their women. Just tell him to lick it. If he says what do I lick say lick it all. If he hits the right spot or does the right thing by accident he might notice how you enjoyed that more and he will cancel out the in-affective licking. He can learn this way without you having to tell him, just by him noticing how you enjoyed the 3rd lick more then the 1st lick. He will see by himself what pleasure you and what doesn't. No experience needed.

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