My Live In Boyfriend Has A Big Stomach And Having Sex With His Is No Fun, I Hate It, And He Always What's Oral Sex. This Is Not Good What I Am I To Do?


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Well, maybe you might need another boyfriend. Ask him to lose the weight in his stomach area maybe it might be better for you. Anything is better than cheating. After a while of oral sex, it gets a little boring and tiresome. You should really tell him and see what he says. If he's not willing to see you happy in the deal, than maybe it is time for someone else. He does live with you and it will be difficult to tell him these certain things, but he needs to know that your not happy as of the moment. I say if he's willing to see it your way and make you happy in the time of need, he's the one for you.
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Did he gain the weight while you were together? I'm Just asking because my fiance is 400+, and I'm not even 100 pounds when soaking wet. I'm only 4'9 and small framed, and honestly, we have GREAT intimacy. If your man gained the weight while with him, maybe just talk to him about losing it and try not to hurt his self esteem too much. My fiance constantly gets teased about his weight and about how small I am compared to him. We have been together 5 years and he recently decided for HIMSELF that he wanted to lose weight. Good Luck to you my dear!

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