My boyfriend wants to have sex with me but I tell him no and he gets mad at me. What should I do?


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If he can't wait for you to be comfortable enough to agree to have sex with him then he is never going to wait for you to be comfortable to do anything. It's always going to be like that so the only option is to break up with him because trust be even if you don't see it now it's going to amount to an unfair and unhappy relationship

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This is a topic that is down right dirty to the core. If he's your boyfriend he should be THE #1 PERSON to respect you and your decisions. Especially with something as personal as sex. If he gets mad you should take into consideration that he may just be in the relationship for that. NOT SAYING he is, who am I to determine that? I'm just saying that it COULD BE a factor. You should sit down with him and have a talk about the whole thing and how your not ready. He should understand that, and if he doesn't...sorry to say, but he's not right for you. No one should be rushed into that and someone with the status boyfriend/girlfriend to the person should be the first to get with it. Good luck! I hope I helped.

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If his intentions are to stay with you for a while or permanently he wouldn't pressure you to do something you are not ready to do.  You should have a whole life time together, what's the rush. If he don't plan on hitting it and quitting it, he wouldn't be in such a rush.  Truth be told, if he really loves and respect you, he would wait for marriage.

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Dump Him!!!

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If he cannot respect the fact you are not ready to have sex he never will. You should find a nice genuine guy that will think about you and not think about getting lucky. You deserve better.

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Just do what he asks.

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