My Boyfriend Shows He Cares But Doesn't Wants Me To Question Him About Anything He Does. Rather He Is Not Open With Me. But He Wants To Know Everything About I Do. What Should I Do?


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Alison Baillie answered
You need to explain to him what it feels like when your partner won't include you in his plans or activities. Not talking to you about what he does when he's not with you is excluding you from his life to a certain extent. It's not that bad a thing on it's own, and if it went both ways it would be fine, but if he wants to know all about what You're up to, it suddenly turns into something not very pleasant. I wonder if the girlfriend of 8yrs knew anything about what he was up to before he left her?
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paul williams answered
Talk to him and explain you have needs and like to hear what he does not in an inquisitive nature of who are you with but more what happened during your day. Tell him he feels the need to ask you and you have the same needs. Unfortunately I think he is hiding something from you like a girlfriend. I hope its not true for your sake but again in talking to him and explain with secrecy your mind will fill in the holes with what you think during that time. And it can steam roll real quick. Even if not true by him being secretive you can only assume which does nobody any good. If he isn't doing anything then it should be no big deal.
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terry rossignol answered
If he isn"t willing to tell you about himself then he is probably hiding something and that could be a very bad careful!!!!
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Teri Boyd answered
I think he is definitely hiding something. My boyfriend was the same way! Every time he went out somewhere I would ask questions and he would just blow me off and be like why you asking a bunch of questions? But whenever I went somewhere I would get the 3rd degree who I was going with, when was I coming back I mean it gets annoying. I would ask to look at his cell phone and he never let me see it one day I looked thrit when he was sleep and found a bunch of female numbers. Now I know y he was always so secretive. They want to know what you are up to so they can be able to do what they do.

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