How Will I Get Him To Commit?


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If he feels like he has never met a girl like you before and you are the girl he wants to take home to his parents then he will commit without you ever having to wonder if he will or not. But sadly this is just a dream for a lot of girls since most guys are never ready to commit.For them having a girl friend but not committing to her is being independent because they can leave her anytime and move on. A lot of these times even the girls are to blame because they start acting like nagging housewives even before the committing stage shows up.

So what is it that you can do? Well try being that one woman who is different from all the women he has ever dated or has had a relationship with. Try being the one he feels he could have only dreamt about. Try being his fantasy. Don't nag. Don't fight. Don't ask questions like "what do you feel about me", "do you want to commit?", "are you ready to commit?", " I want to move forward" etc. These questions just scare guys away. You have to make him fall for you bad and only then he will think about committing to you.Make yourself indispensable first!
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Thank you Vanillasky for validation, and taking the time to responde to my sincere question. I appreciate the hints of what not to do., i was wondering if you could suggest what i could do to be desirable and irresistable to him, how do i make him fall for me bad? I love him and I have to keep him mine forever! what would help insure his everlasting love? thanks again! queenee
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I would say that you should be yourself at all times and have him fall in love with that special person. In doing that he will feel comfortable enough to want to commit to you. good luck.
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You must have a serious deadline and set rules up whether he likes it or not. He will give you your answer and respect you more for it. Don't spend to much time on this man. DEMAND What you WANT!
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Well, from my side you should go with your heart sound. The thing that will help you to find good life partner is ATTITUDE!

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