When A Friend Commits Suicide How Do You Cope With It?


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Certainly it is one of the worst period of a person's life when a friend of him commits suicide as it makes you feel that a part of your body is being cut and it is not possible to imagine your life without that part of your body. But let the universal truth prevail that time and space heal the deepest wounds and they may heal this one too.

But some actions on your part can certainly help you to ease the sadness that the suicide has upon you. What you can do is to start socializing with more people and certainly you can find someone who is more like him and that person can certainly help you to cope with your problem.

There are some other methods also that you can try and that include your indulgence with books. Books are considered as the best friends of a human being and when you are completely in love with your book, you will start relating with the characters of the book and that may help you to cope with your problem.
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You try to understand why they commit suicide. Maybe they get bullied in school. Or people make fun of how they look or even how fat they are. Or maybe they have problems at home between them and their parent's. You never really understand what a person really goes through.
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I think that people that commit suicide don't take into consideration all of the pain and guilt that they cause by committing suicide. His/her parents/friends, feel guilty forever! Even though they may not have been able to help! It is hard.. All you can really do is go on with life the best you can. Good Luck!
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Hopefully you try to stop them before it gets out of hand, but when the inevitable happens you just remember all of the good times you had and, if you do believe, that one day you will be reunited with that person later on.

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