How To Cope With Disagreements With Adults?


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It is a big step in social development when you finally come to realize that your view of the world isn't the only one there is, and that sometimes you suffer for others' view of the world. (In religious terms, you die for their sins.) Once you forgive, you may be able to move to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Start with a clear understanding of your needs and the assumptions you are making. Try to determine the needs of the "adults" and what assumptions they are making. This can sometimes be done with respectful dialog. Explore which of the assumptions may be in error, or may be made to be in error by altering what it is you are asking for. Use this as a clue to how to proceed to a mutually acceptable agreement. You should seek to meet both your needs and those of the adults (a "win-win" agreement).

The forgiveness is key, as it helps relieve your attachment to the outcome, opening your eyes to possibilities.

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