My Boyfriend Thinks We Are Going To Get Married And Reality Is That He Doesn't Even Have A Job! He's Too Immature And Still Plays With Toys Should I Leave Him?


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You think your boyfriend is immature as he still plays with toys. Now you did not mention what kinds of toys, as some adults play with toys too. However you must be know better if he is immature or not.

If he has thought of getting married to you, it means he is at least committed to you and has a long term future planning with you. If you really like him and love him then I would say just be patient and give him some time. Make him realize his responsibilities, probably he does not realize them and would start doing so if you say so.

Boys are always immature; once they get a sense of responsibility they become mature. It is the girl in their life who needs to push him towards making his future.

He has not asked you to marry instantly right, so why are you planning to leave him and getting scared. There is no need to panic, as this shows at least he loves you and is not like other guys who do not commit. You can really change his perception about life if you love him. However if you do not love him for what he is, then I would suggest you to leave him. It would be better for you as well as him.
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Yah,I think you should consider about it seriously as marriage is something that's the most important in a woman's life.Once a wrong decision is made,she may or may not be able to change her life.So I think you should talk to your boyfriend about your concern and tell him you find him still not settled down.Or you can give him some time to sort through and settle down.

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The difference between boys and men is easy: Boys take, Men give. The difference between girls and women is the same: Girls take, women give. Now if a boy marries a woman, the marriage is great for him--he takes and she gives! Vice versa with girls and Men too! Marriage is for grownups: When a man marries a woman, they both give. That means there's leftovers. And those to to raising your kids, which, will be taking. After all, they're just kids. Oh yeah, if a girl marries a boy they both take and it all blows up.
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Do you love him ?? is he worth staying with??? If not leave him and be a single pretty young lady.

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