Does Being Very Caring Makes Me A Soft Guy To Her. Why Is She Doing Things To Hurt Me?


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Being very caring is a wonderful thing to be and your girlfriend is being immature and taking advantage of a very nice person.
Most women would be delighted to find a very caring man and would value and respect him. I can assure you that being caring is a wonderful thing to be and there's nothing wrong with being soft -hearted either. The trouble with being caring is that caring people do tend to get hurt easily because they care. Try not too be too sensitive but don't stop caring . Women like caring men, we respect them and see them as strong individuals because they care.
Perhaps you need to move in another direction if your girlfriend keeps hurting you, I suspaect she plays on your good heart because she thinks you'll tolerate whatever she chooses to do but even caring people can have enough and move on to someone who really values them.
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No that doesn't mean you're soft. Its good that you do care. You are  supposed to.  If she treats you like dog crap then maybe she needs to know how it feels to be treated like dog crap. But 2 wrongs don't make a right so I suggest you just leave and move and find someone who will appreciate your kindness because its obvious that she doesn't.  Maybe she wants want of those tough thug type guys who doesn't gives a s*** if you're dead or alive. She has a problem dude. From a woman's point of view, my boyfriend is very caring and that doesn't make him at all soft, it just makes him a caring and kind person. Point tell that ole girl if she doesn't straighten up and fly right then you going to fly away.
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Heck no man. I'm a soft guy and I care, but the chicks like that in a guy. If she doesn't treat you right, then you need to move on man. I've been in a lot of relationships where I get treated like rubbish, so I leave them. They never see it coming .
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My best friend loves me, adores me, worships me, etc. and he is a real softy when it comes to that. He's actually way too nice but that's just me I love the bad boys, but a softy every now and then is even great for me. If she doesn't like it leave her in the dust and don't look back. Remember if you are looking in the past you'll trip on the present and fall in the future!
BEN GREGO answered
I'd say get rid of her, you don't need that kind of treatment from anyone. There are plenty of other ladies in this world!

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