How are boobs attractive to guys? Don't they have basically the same thing?


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Javen Martinez answered
Not really....See the female boob "as said above" is big, soft, and smooth. The result of licking the nipple and sucking on the female boobs is amazing. You girls moan, scream our names, and get soo wet down below. All of which get us guys as hard as a pole and even more anxious to get inside of you. So I would say its more of the fact that we know what lies ahead and its like a chain reaction of events!
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Krystyna Ryde answered
Probably because they stand out from the girls body.. I asked my dad and he just said "because they are".. Very useful I know LOL XD sorry couldn't be of much use.. Wish I knew the answer though cause it really is quite annoying seem the ykinda have the same thing. They just lucky cause they don't have them so big and they don't need bra's... Sigh, the life I would have without boobs...
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Maxine Chan answered
Guys enjoy boobs because they are soft, round, and jiggle when you walk if you have big ones.
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Dickie Allen answered
Sub-conscious memories from when we were breast fed as babies.
They have been made sex objects
They are soft and smooth and beautiful.
I have looked closely at the shape of boobs and in profile the line (the curvature) they make, at least to me, is diametrically so accurately smooth and shaped.
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I asked my guy friend and he just blushed and started mumbling under his breath :P
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Steve Williams answered
Big, soft and I'm guessing there is something todo with hormones in all, I remember thinking that azwel lol --> pecks arent quite the same lol, theyre muscle and no where near as big =)

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