So I'm 14, and mostly older guys find me attractive really. (15-17ish) Guys my age aren't really interested in me. What does that mean?


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Charlotte Nunn answered
Boys mature about 2 years after girls do, maybe it's because of that or maybe it's just because, there's not that much age difference there :) try a 22 year old finding you attractive when your 14 :Lx
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Alexis Egan
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Oh that makes sense!(: And ewww!/: That happened to you?
Charlotte Nunn
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Yeah it did but I'm actually alright with it tbh :3 I don't see them so it doesn't affect me :P:Lx
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Boys are always younger no matter what age its all about immaturity and responsibility. They never grow up ,so just stick to focusing on you.  Your the best and those older guys are just pervs playing with jail bait. That's why they want you.  You rock hang in there.

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