What Do Guys Find Attractive In Girls?


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You may be doing nothing wrong at all , it might just be the guy.
Just never act to  needy because that will cause them to run
Otherwise just hold your head up and move forward , it is his loss

Good luck you Enelson2

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Well I can't speak for other guy's...but I can tell you this...I like to treat the person I'm with the way that I like to be treated...if your boyfriend dumped you then he must have been screwing around with someone else and he's just a hurtful asshole!...I myself will not change my way's to try and hurt someone else..I'm a goodhearted person by nature and Family morals..a lot of people will try and give you advice on how to treat someone in a relationship...for example..if you are trying to be to nice to your mate then they will see that as a sign of weakness and run all over you...that is what some of my friends told me..but I'm not going to change my way's because that is how they want me to treat the person that I'm with...Love,Respect and Faithfulness is what a relationship should be all about...sometimes the waters get a little rough but that doesn't mean that you should jump ship!...ride it out the waters will calm down and then there will smooth sailing...but at times there might be some rough sailing...never give up on the person that you love...if they give up on you, then they really never loved you or cared for you. Always try to work things out and make sure that you decisions are clear and precise before you try and walk out that door,because once it closes it might not ever open up again..If you treated your boyfriend good then it was not you..it is his loss not yours...what goes around will comes around and he will get his to someday!..keep your chin up and try to stay strong...I'm in that same boat as you and it hurts some day's..but keep the faith and if you need someone to talk with I'm always here
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For me, I like it when a girl calls me just so she can hear my voice. Sometimes my fiance will call me in the middle of the night because she had a nightmare. I am always happy to help her, and calm her down. Guys love it when girls like to be sexy around them when they are alone. Or, I love it when she shows her affection to me around other people, but not in a, inappropriate way. I love it when she talks about me with her friends. That's how I am.
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Different guys like different things.

Most guys like girls if the boy's friends say they like the girl and the girl gives the boy attention.
Imagine saying "hi." to a guy and then hearing his friend say something like "Wow, dude!  She's hot!"
The guy will like that.

Other than that, there are too many differences to name.
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As a girl you either have what it takes or you don't,
guys like girls that wear tight clothes you can never wear a pair of jeans too tight.
Girls that wear their hair straightened lip gloss and eyeliner are normally the girls that grab my attention, its important to remember we are guys and pretty much base everything off physical attraction you can be dumb as a box of rocks but if your hot we wont really care.
Have a good sense of style be flirty but don't go sucking everyone's dick in the school or your not worth dating by many guys standards you will simply be the go-to-girl.
Guys like to test their ability to get girls if you have confidence and are hard to get and do everything else I talked about you will have guys allover you. However you cant be a flirt and not give out at least once in a while. Stay classy but not professional looking. I could go on for days and I'm not sure what you even look like or how old you are but I hope this helps a little bit there are thousands of things that go into what a guys finds attractive and why.
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Nothing move on and get another one this doesn't mean something is wrong with you
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Well, I think its look, personalitly, and depends on if their a "whore" or not. Guys at my school mostly go for the "whores" but just be yourself(:

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