What Do You Find Attractive In A Girl?


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greg gowen Profile
greg gowen answered
Physically, the smile is most important and can make other issues fade from view. Next is her eyes, sometimes its the sparkle, sometimes its simply having an almond shape, or, being the mirrors of our soul, its the undefinable. An hourglass figure is next, defined by a waist size nine inches smaller than the first number.  NOW all that means nothing if she can't find happiness in little things, if she can't entertain herself,  or if she can't laugh when things don't go perfectly.  Curves, a smile, and laughter, do I ask to much of the American female?
Mary Ann Cassidy Profile
Intelligence, nice appearance and personality, friendliness, interest and concern for others, witty,interested in  learning, sense of humor  are things I find attractive.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I'm sorry this may not help at all..... It is her mind, if it is beautiful it does not matter what she looks like to me.... I know it sounds simplistic, unreal etc.... But if I can talk to her, she understands me.... Weight, makeup, breast size etc..... It means absolutely nothing to me, I love who I love and it is based only on them, not their bodies.
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Whoops, can't answer this one!!
poopie mcPooperPants Profile
1. Looks (thier men...what can we do)
2. Personality
3.awareness (trust me)

well, I think this too sometimes, but over time I got it, hope this helped!!! :D
Scott Smalls Profile
Scott Smalls answered
What I find in a girl that makes her attractive is her smile and her beauty and the way she laugh.

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