If Opposites Attract, Why Do I Feel A Better Attraction To A Girl I Have Several Things In Common With?


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Lena JH answered
I feel like that saying doesn't only relate to relationships. Sometimes we find ourselves becoming friends with those who are unlike us. It's just that sometimes when we see things in people that we don't have within us we want to be around it. It's perfectly normal to be attracted to someone that is almost like you. If people ended up with others that were completely different than them I'm sure the relationship would be tricky.
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Brian Reed answered
I think the old adage that opposites attract is overrated. Myself I am attracted more to women who have things in common with me so we can share them!
I guess that what they mean is just someone who is very different from the first person in a general way, or whose main trait is the opposite of his/hers.  ♥Nassy
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andi XD answered
Well most of the time opposites do attract but just because you have some commons things doesn't mean you don't have opposites you cant help who your attracted to XD
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Kris Windom answered
The meaning of that phrase is more related to magnets than relationships.  It's more meant as a phrase for some relations that it does happen in.  I happen to be more attracted to women that I have more in common with.

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