Why Do I Attract Crazy Women?


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There are a few tell tale signs that give it away. I think that in the early days of a relationship, if you get over-reaction to small things then this is a no-go, imagine the over-reaction x 100 and thats what it will be like once things are settled. If you feel controlled in anyway is also another one, the worst kind are the ones who want to change you into something your not, typically this will be when and where you go out & with whom - have they really honestly thought about your pleasure the time you have been with them or not? If not its time to move on.
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Hi, matt3046, your question make me laugh! To answer your questions, could you please specify what crazy women means in your definition.  However,there is a saying that same type people will fall together, i.e you are a crazy guy so you attract crazy women!
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The secret is to move slowly into a relationship - don't jump into one just because you think the woman is level-headed. Get to know the women more in-depth. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and I wouldn't like to see you with a woman who doesn't have her act together, and either would you. So take it slow - don't rush into dating just one woman until you get to know the person well enough to start caring for her.

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