What if ur really not the most attractive guy around but still have a gf but wen a girl gets the chance with another more attractive guy she goes for it and flirts,cheats, etc. Why do girls do that?


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Well, I personaly have never cheated/flirted while I had boyfriend, but maybe its because she's not so sure you are putting in as much effort in the relationship as she would like. Therefore, she might want to find someone who she knows will do that. If you really love this girl, you need to show it. If you see her, come up from behind her, hold her and say something like "hi beautiful". I know it might sound corny to you but girls like that kinda stuff. And tell her you will beat the crap outta any one who tries to take you away from you. Girls LOVE it when their guy gets defensive over them.
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Because she obviously has NO respect for you. That is an OBVIOUS sign of disrespect. When your in a relationship her job is make you feel great, appreciated and honored. Her job is not to make you jealous. Tell her she needs to stop it or move on. I promise you theres always somebody for everybody. Look at Woody Allen, look at bi ily joel - who did they marry? But yet they are not hollywood hunks?? Understand? Don't feel as if she's the only attractive gf that will pay you attention. The next time you catch her doing that you need to tell her to quit it or ITS QUITS.
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You need to offer her something that no other guy can, make her fall in love with you.
Girls like to be complimented, and tell her you love her, and that you think she is beautiful, but don't over-do it, because then they get scared. Some girls are just not after a serious relationship, and if someone is willing to cheat then they are clearly not worth the time, so just move on, don't worry about it, one day you will find the perfect girl. X
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Hmmm guys do the same thing so this question is contradicting
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Ok I don't do that when I'm dating someone but yeah...anyways girls think that they deserve the best. If they find someone who is hotter or smarter or just plain better than they move on because they want to have the best person out of her group of friends. Since most of us think that we deserve the best that we can find when we find someone better we decide to go for it....its nothing tooo personal for the guys that get ditched its just how a girl thinks, but when the other guy rejects her shell prolly go back
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Not ALL girls are like that, just like not all guys are. Sometimes, you have to look deeper to find someone else though. To really get over this not so nice one,  look to the people that actually care about you, or care enough to stick around no matter who else is there. The bummer is, there is way more girls that are terrible than there should be.....some just got attitude! Dodge them! :)
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Because girls love attractive guys and she thinks they are smart, good personality, athletic and funny, that they meet your standards too. Also, do not forget that the attractive ones are successful while the unattractive one will not succeed in life. I read this in my book saying that people who are pretty earn more money than those who are not as pretty.
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I'd say this isn't healthy for you and you're only going to feel worse about yourself when you're with someone who makes you feel like she could "do better".  IF she could do better she would - don't doubt that.  The question is what are you going to do about it?  Either stay with her and open your eyes to YOUR next gf, end it with her and look for someone sweeter or stay put, and let her treat you like garbage til you're totally miserable.  Guyz do this to girls all the time!  I tell em the same thing.  If your bf/gf knows you're going to stick around no matter how they treat you, (and they're selfish) then they WILL treat you like dirt...nice when they want something...then back to dirt.
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I hate to say it but school romances rarely ever last. Sorry! People at your age go from relationship to relationship. Things don't seem to settle down untill you hit your 20's. That does not make it right or the pain to be any less. It is just the way it is. Sorry. Get even with her. Go get another girlfriend.
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Because there bitches all they want is to say they have a bf so they date whoever. I hate girls like that. I never do that.
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She is either , not happy with you , or gets bugged when your not around , theres usualy so many things why . But try talking to her about it , cause it can be bad , and she can get the urge to cheat on you , which isn't good .

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