Why do most guys have to cheat on girls? I know girls cheat to but its mostly guys..why?!


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Arthur Wright answered
Because the temptation and opportunity present itself
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margaux franco answered
Psychology would always tell us that men, by nature, are polygamous... Every man will crave for a season of variety in his entire life. This is why, young cheaters tend to become good fathers when they get older because they have been through the variety stage. But good and loyal boys have the propensity to look for variety when they get old, that's why, those who are emotionally weak leave their families for lust.
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Adrian Masters answered
I have been with my wife for 20 years and I have never cheated on her. I own a residential construction company. I have been in homes with women and been propositioned in front of my crew. Never once have I had sex with them. Sorry some guys never cheat. During our 20 years never once have I thought my wife has ever cheated on me either.
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Shanon Collins answered
I don't know why guys cheat on girls. To me that seems stupid. A guy that has a girl who loves him and yet decides to go to another girl for some 'affection' is an idiot in my book.

But to answer your question, it is probably because that is how men are protrayed to boys at a very young age. In shows, movies, and on the news there are constantly stories of how men cheat on their wives or girlfriends, and it gets implanted into the younger boy's mind that a guy 'needs' to have a lot of girls. Parents in this day and age do not teach faithfulness or loyalty to their children so the child is left with outside influence to dictate their actions rather than have been taught otherwise.
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Because guys get bored easily and they think having more girls is a competition with other guys. The more girls he has, the bigger man he is but I think he is a weiner.
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Satan tricks people and makes them lust we are all corrupt and sinful its the plain truth we just sin in different ways
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Ha! I agree with Aj 100%! The only way to keep your man from cheating is to give it up as much as possible (and make a delicious home cooked meal!) The more you say no (unless its a serious reason like your grandma died, etc...), The more your man considers other woman as potential "friends with benefits" I'm just saying ladies, If you expect your man to listen to you talk then you should be willing to return the favor and fulfill your mans sexual needs! #Legit
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'Most' guys, huh? So you know every guy on the planet? Don't be so close minded. We do it the same reason woman do and it's rare to find someone as crappy as that.

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I believe because most guys are "players." or they were not raised in a good home life, or not shown how to treat women. Either way, don't stress.
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Because MAN IS POLYGAMOUS BY NATURE... Most guys are not easily satisfied by just one woman, tendency they cheat. This is just my opinion...

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