Why Are Guys So Confused Of What They Want?


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There have been many studies as to why guys are so confused of what they want. A lot of the time the guys are blaming us woman for that, as they find us confusing. As woman you all have a certain impression of what you think they want. But studies have proven otherwise. One study said that the number one thing that men want is honesty. They want honest communication. Men want to be able to communicate with their lady and don't want them to be too critical. Secondly men want secure, self-sufficient and confident woman. They don't deal with moaners or people who are insecure. They can't handle or deal with that for too long as they mostly not like that themselves or don't know how to talk about it if they are.

A great tip for woman is that men want what woman want. A complete partner that enjoys the same things in life. Men do have feelings and emotions like woman.

Hopefully this helps you.
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