How Do You Make A Guy Feel Sexy?


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Guys can suffer from lack of self-confidence in just the same way that women do. This is why it can be important in a relationship (or for a potential relationship ) to give your a guy a boost by making him feel sexy. Luckily, there are many ways to do this. Read on to find out how!

How to make a guy feel sexy Whether you are trying to show your husband how much he means to you - or simply trying to get the attention of your 10th grade crush - there are a number of things you can do to make a man feel sexy and self-assured. Here are three of my suggestions:

1) Compliment him and make him feel special The most obvious way to make your guy feel special is to give him compliments. No man can resist a compliment, so the best thing to do is compliment something he obviously cares about.

For example, if you notice that your guy has been spending an increasing amount of time at the gym, you may want to compliment him on his bulging biceps. If a guy is very fashion-conscious, you could comment on how great the shirt he's wearing is.

Compliments don't have to just be about appearance, even telling a guy how smart he is will reassure him and make him feel confident. The important thing is to be genuine and pick up on genuine good points. You don't want to make your compliment sound fake or patronizing, so the key to making a guy feel sexy is to find him sexy!

2) Making him feel sexy: More than just words Body language is a great example of how you can communicate your feelings towards a man without saying them outright. Making lots of eye contact shows that you're interested and focused on him and you find what he has to say important.

We all give off signals and facial expressions that we may think go unrecognised, but these are very important in giving a guy 'the sign' that you find him sexy.

Touching also comes into this, and it doesn't even need be overtly sexual. In fact, being subtle with how you touch him will make it seem less obvious, and therefore more genuine.

3) Let him know you're seducing him Nothing says 'I find you sexy' more than making an effort to seduce him. The best thing to do is to keep things low-key. There's no need for you to throw yourself at him, but making little changes like paying extra attention to your make-up or doing your hair up in a different way will show him you're making an effort.
In this context, it's not so much what you do to seduce him that matters, but rather that he notices you're doing something.
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Tell him that he is sexy all the time... Find compliments on-line and make him as sexy as he feels. Guys love it when you tell them - it lets them know you're interested.
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I fancied a guy who was a gardener, and asked him to cut a large bush down for me. I took him a cup of tea out, and chatted to him, but he didn't respond.

I since found out that his girlfriend had cheated on him and he had lost his confidence in himself - so I asked him back to trim back an apple tree and then l sunbathed in the garden in a string bikini to get his attention. Bingo!!. He now comes round often to do odd jobs!!!
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wear something that will catch his eye and makeup only  if you want to.

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Feeling sexy is directly related to self confidence. If you want to make him feel sexy then tell him that YOU find him sexy. That might do the trick

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