Do Guys Really Prefer Skinny Girls With Big Boobs?


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I wouldn't say ALL guys prefer skinny girls with big boobs, but they certainly turn heads.

Having said that, I'm a larger, full-figured lady, and I'm confident in the way I look.

I know I've got it 'going on' because many men have told me so- and yet I'm not your typical body type.

That pretty much goes to show that it doesn't matter so much exactly what you look like, but rather how you use it.

Do guys prefer skinny girls with big tits?

In truth, most of the girls who have large breasts and skinny waists have been surgically enhanced to look like that. It just doesn't add up that a woman would have that much body fat in the breast area, but not have it anywhere else!

And the worrying thing is that a growing number of men are growing up thinking this is how women should look- and we all know why that is: Porn.

Are big boobs sexy?

In my opinion, the kind of guy who is into skinny girls with big tits has spent too much time on the internet 'pleasuring himself'. A real man who has had experience in 'the field' will know that women have a way of being sexy, no matter what their body type.

That doesn't mean to say we should all just let ourselves go and not care about our figures, but as far as boobs go: Different types can all be sexy.
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Guys prefer every type of woman every created. The thing is, we're all individuals with individual needs and tastes, and those tastes can never be filled by anyone.

So when we find someone who ticks a number of our boxes, we choose them. If skinny and big breasts are what a guy likes, then yes: If he likes girls with a bit more meat, then that's what they like; if they prefer someone who can hold a conversation more than someone who is just beautiful, then that's what they prefer.

The media and the fashion business are to be blamed for the obsession with skinny girls. Any healthy size is fine, and if even if you aren't a healthy size, there will be someone out there who finds you to be exactly what they are looking for.

Be you, be who you want to be, and when you are secure with that, you won't have a problem with guys.
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I think guys like any girl that's their type!
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They prefer girls who have a little bit of chunk on them but not too much!
Guys would like anywhere from B to C size bra.
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No guys don't prefer skinny girls with big boobs. Every guy likes something different about a girl. Some guys may like skinny girls but most guys prefer a girl with a little more thickness to them .

Here is a saying that my boyfriend used when we started dating, it was: 'More cushion for the pushing' meaning guys like girls who are 'larger' but who also have great personalities and a good head on their shoulders.
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Lisa D
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I don't think that 'More Cushion for the Pushin' has anything to do with having a good head on her shoulders. In simple terms its a saying about sex and that its better to have a little cushion rather than being skin and bones!
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Well I'm not perfectly skinny, but my boobs are big.
I think the personalities have to click, looks aren't always everything.
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Hugh Hefner, who started PLAYBOY magazine, liked skinny girls with big bosoms, so that's what he published, and almost ALL nudie magazines followed his pattern. So a lot of guys LEARNED to prefer what they saw in the magazines.

In real life, however, men like everything.  Some men have preferences for one thing or another -- long hair, brown eyes, tall or short, etc. -- but adult men know that what matters most is a good heart, common sense, and common goals (like how many kids, which religion, what kind of job or house to get, etc.)

Leave your bosom alone.  A large bosom becomes unattractive with age; a small bosom looks good forever.

Please be pleased with what Nature gave you.  For a lot of potential partners out there, you are just right as you are.
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I'm a dude and I have to say guys definitely look for those qualities, but even if you are a girl with a lot of meat on you, some people have fetishes for girls like that. Dudes that I know would definitely date girls if they had that meat.

So basically it depends.
The most important thing though is that you have to make the dude feel special, and you should hold a good conversation everytime you meet. In my opinion, that's what dudes prefer.
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I have always been irritated by the fact that a big majority of men think the only good looking women or beautiful women are skinny with big breasts.

The funny thing is most women with large breasts aren't skinny, they are usually medium-weight to full-figured. I myself am a full-figured woman with very large breasts.
Everyone is made with a different body type, so not just one type can be called beautiful.
When you walk with your head high and as if you are proud to look the way you look, then that will make any guy look at you and say you are sexy.

Don't think you have to look one way to get a guy's attention.
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I do not like skinny at all. I know a very large number of guys who like chubby girls with a thick butt, I'm one of them.
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Every guy has a preference. Simple as. But reasonably slim with decent breasts does do it for most blokes.
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No, not ALL guys. There are some that prefer them to be larger.
Mostly depends on what they have grown up around. Usually depends on what their mother or aunts look like.
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It depends on their taste. So, girls - don't go and get a boob job because you think guys will like you better, as not all will.

Everybody will find their true love and that right person will love you no matter what you look like.
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Yes. Guys like girls with big boobs. Thats why so many girls get implants and liposuction..
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Not really! Every guy wants an average girl, natural girl!
Don't get fake boobs, even if you don't tell anybody... People can still tell they're fake.
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Some guys do and some guys don't. It is simply a personal preference,
If a guy only likes you because you're skinny with big boobs then he is not the guy for you.
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There is no such thing as a truly skinny girl with big boobs, unless she's had surgery.
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I am 5ft 8" i am 48 kilos and i have D sized breasts... Skinny women can have naturally occoring big breasts so unfourtunately that comment is untrue.
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You are so ignorant. There are plenty of skinny girls with huge boobs. I am 110 and i have a c cup all natural and if you search the website you will find plenty of articles about skinny girls hating their natureal endowments. Remember it is all genetic and not all breast in made up of fat tissue. Learn the breast anatomy first before you can come to this conclusion. Thanks.

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