What do guys prefer? Chatty girls or shy girls?


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Dickie Allen Profile
Dickie Allen answered
Girls are generally communicators and use about twice the number of words each day as compared to a boy.

I don't necessarily want a shy girl that never talks on a date or meeting but I sure don't one around that doesn't know when to shut her mouth and just drives me nuts with a constant stream of chatter. Some girls just cannot stop talking long enough to even be answered and talk over the guy. These girls often wonder why they are never asked out on a date by the same guy; look to your motor mouth actions. To be blunt about it; Shut up sometimes!
Titus agore Profile
Titus agore answered
It depends on the guy, I think chatty is good but this is because I am shy and if she talks a lot I tend to open up more.
Grant Kensington Profile
Well it depends :P
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joan saviour answered
Understanding , chatty and shy
Addilynn All Star Profile
My guy likes shy girls! I'm in between though! 8)

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