Do boys prefer girls with or without makeup ?.. And what do you prefer


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Maddie Camp answered
Some guys love youu fer who youu are on the inside& don\'t like youu wearing make up... Some guys are sweet and think that either way youu are beautiful..... Some guys like youu with make up on because they concentrate on the outside not on what really matters the inside!(: Hope I helped some!!(: & I prefer a lil make up like some eye liner, cover up, lip gloss, mascara!!! Any of those will do for me!(:
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shadow fighting answered
There is no mistaking that makeup will transform a girls looks.
She can be plain looking without makeup and then suddenly be
unrecognizable with makeup.
For  this reason I believe that some guys do not like makeup, comparing
it to false advertising.
As long as makeup is not overdone I think it is great.
Elayna Mae Profile
Elayna Mae answered
Depends on the guy
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Anonymous answered
Not all guys want makeup, I prefer natural beauty.
Amanda SomeGirl Profile
Amanda SomeGirl answered

Depends, some guys like girls who wear a lot of make up (but not those who look like clowns lol), some guys like natural beauty (but that is only if the girl looks at least decent without makeup I've noticed), and some like girls who wear a little makeup but not a lot.

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Megan goodgirl answered

Some like a girl with a nice natural look.

Janey Profile
Janey answered
I prefer makeup as I may as well make the most of my assets and highlight them with makeup.Besides I like to look smart and professional for my job as well,since presentation is very important.
Michelle Grace Profile
Michelle Grace answered
Well my boyfriend prefers me with out it bc it makes girls fake but he also likes me with it too so he doesnt really mind, he thinks I'm beautiful either way:)
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Ashley Monroe answered
It depends. Lets accept the fact that boys are more attracted on the girls has a better look. That's why girls should know how to look beautiful in make up.

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