How do I make myself look really Pretty without makeup and attract boys?


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By useing true pretyness(your personality). I don't wear make-up(I'm a tomboy and think make up is dumb) and I attract boys just fine(that sounds cocky, but its not ment to be >.<). One of my favorite sayings is, "True beatuy can not shine through the suffacating mask make-up creates."
I'm sure you'll find a hot guy that likes you for you. Good luck! ^.^
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Adrian Masters answered
Be nice. Smile and be your self. Wear nice clothes. Not painted on skimpy clothes just nice ones. How you dress and cary your self says a lot about you. Makeup looks good on TV, but is not necessary to attract boys. Trust me.
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A real man will would not bat a eye lid over a attractive 2 tone girl as aposed to a "woman" with intelegence and wit

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