Do Men Like It When Women Wear Lipstick?


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Long ago, I discovered a little known fact...

When girls -- and later -- women, notice that one of the other females is getting attention that they aren't getting; they will do everything in their power to try and bring the other female down to their level. It's nature.

That's why things like lipstick, painted nails, pantyhose, heels, most makeup in general and basically anything else that may be interrupted as feminine, has earned the reputation as something that "only cheap sluts wear".

"Yes, it's a fact that men are revolted by a feminine looking female and really prefer the natural manly look". Most women feed each other this same line and sadly, most women these days even believe it themselves. It's a completely different story when you talk to most men.

I think that almost all women (realized or not), want every OTHER woman in the room to believe that they look beautiful with no make-up on, wearing sweat pants, a dirty t-shirt, flip flops and without combing their hair for a week. You have "natural beauty". Guys love that wild, unkept, "just woken up" look.

It's called' "The worse you look, the better I look rule".

The next time you see a classy woman in a position of power, take some notes. Yes, she's probably wearing lipstick. She probably has her nails and hair done too. She probably even (gasp!) dresses like a woman. Hey, she doesn't look cheap, as a matter of fact, she looks like MY BOSS.

If you could really get inside her head, you may find out that she's probably had to endure a few petty little remarks here and there. Cattiness from rivals trying to psyche her into looking as bad as they do. It's called jealously.

It never fails to amaze me how many potentially beautiful women I see who have fallen for it. They could look amazing and have everyone in the room eating out of their hand. Instead, they were foolish enough to buy into the "natural beauty" hype. "I know how much guys love the Lumberjack look, I've done everything to look like a man and they still don't notice me!" Now they spend their days with some slack-jawed looser -- or another "woman of natural beauty" that looks like Janet Reno.

There is no such thing as a woman who looks better without makeup -- ALL WOMEN, no matter how beautiful -- look better with it. This is because no one is perfect, visually or otherwise. If you think that you are, then you clearly bought into that hype that I was talking about earlier...

Loose lips sink ships... But not as many as red ones do.
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I am very much attracted to women who wear lipstick.  I don't think it makes them look trashy at all, unless the make-up application is sloppy or messy.  
Lipstick is the ultimate feminine symbol of a women's face...just as high heels and lingerie are so distinctly feminine.  
Bolder lipstick shades also connote power, which is very attractive in a woman.
So girls, don't be shy or afraid to wear red lipstick...there are many out there who are very attracted to that look and what it says.
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Some do and some don't

Some don't have a problem as long as it doesn't *look* as though the woman is wearing lipstick.

Others *prefer* to have things look artificial. I wonder about them. I think of the movie The Mummy (Frasier version) and the completely-painted woman, with lack of smudging as a sign of being untouched. Except when heavy make-up is required for UV protection or to cover birthmarks, I believe preferring heavy/bright make-up can be a control issue on the guy's part .

It isn't just eye-candy. There's also flavor and texture. If kissing is involved, even some totally blind guys may enjoy the addition.
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The guys I've known have not really liked girls that wear lipstick. I think guys like natural shades. They know the ones that look "painted" on are too messy to kiss. In my opinion, fruity lipglosses are much more sexy, not to mention they taste good too making kisses last even longer. XxXxXx
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I think most men like to see women with a naked face so that they can see there true beauty if you want to wear anything then try a subtle lip gloss which emphases your natural features x
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I like women who wear lipstick. But don't like it when it gets to a point of making a gal look cheap. The color I hate the most in lipstick is red. The same way with make up, love seeing it but when one puts it on so thick it becomes a turn off

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I dislike it. If I'm going to kiss somebody, I don't want to put my lips on an artificial product of some sort. And I prefer a natural look. I like to see a woman's natural beauty, not a fake facade.
I can understand wearing lipstick for certain situations, for instance as part of getting dressed up for a formal event.

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