Why Do Single Men And Even Husbands Like To Look At Naked Women On The Internet?


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Because naked women are hot.  I'm a woman and even I like to look at naked women.
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Every man is attracted to women in visual ways. Women can easily create a kind of attraction by having an attractive physical appearance.

Women on the other hand are attracted to men differently. If a woman sees a good looking, great physique man jogging, it does not create attraction but she will be curious and wish to know more about this guy.

However, women tend to misunderstand that a man's fascination with naked women has got nothing to do with the woman he loves. It's only primal.
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I question your comment about, "easily creating attractiveness". If you think starving for an entire lifetime, enduring painful plastic surgeries, and faithfully exercising is "easy", you are deluded. And don't kid yourself, women are easily visually and sexually aroused by an attractive and fit man. What you just said is a bunch of crap that is disseminated so fat guys with big guts can lounge at a computer with beer and pizza, staring at naked women, while their wives are at the gym starving
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A beautiful woman is the supreme form of beauty on this earth. A beautiful naked woman even tops that.Naked women are always interesting to a man, but most men are looking for the beautiful naked woman that comes along once in a while. It's the woman that most of us guys will never meet. If we did, we wouldn't be looking at other naked women.
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It's atavistic...the animal urge. If a man wants to be an animal, so be it. If he wishes to be human, he would do well to cultivate the finer virtues. To look upon a woman, or women, with lust, is not only disgusting to the feminine essence as a whole, but it lowers the vibrational energy to that of a closed-loop... One that is constantly obsessed with sex. It objectifies the feminine essence and, by such a projection, reduces such essence to that of a 'form' only; one to be used in the satisfying of the male sexual urge.
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I wanted to add that, to look upon women with lust is 'visual and psychical rape'. This is so because no one looks with the eyes only. Oh, no, no, no. When gazing at naked women, the mind is engaged in fantasy as well; it is imagining all the sexual acts the man is desirous of with said naked women. This is a 'projection' of a man's psychic Will. As such, don't think for a moment that women cannot sense such a thing. For us, it is a very real and disgusting feeling-- to be so objectified.
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Because they are attracted to them and want to "do" it with them.if you are a guy that is going to happen to you too.
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Because they are hot and sticky

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