Do Women Look At Other Men, Even When They're In Love With You?


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Sometimes, because they probably think that the guys they're with does the same thing
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Women who constantly look at other men, while with there partner, are not content with what they have, and are looking and fantasising on what could be.

If you're in love, real love, you wouldn't notice those other men at all, and vise versa.
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Your kidding rite??

not all women do this but 99% of men will, apparently it doesnt mean anything but I think its a sign of wanting to experience more new things
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Yes we do! I am 22 years old and I have been married for 1 1/2 year, but I still stare/look at other men even when my husband is beside me. Sometimes I even fantasise about other men in bed with me, even if I love my husband and have a good sexual relationship with my husband. What is important is that he knows that I will be coming home to him at the end of the day.. Although I must admit that I look at other men more freely when my husband is not around. I am a red blooded woman and it's just in women's nature to do so, I believe. We need to reassure ourselves that we have picked the right man with the right physical assets :P
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I fell in love to a girl ,Because of her.But then i saw that she look other men.So what u say about this matter?
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NO. We don't all look at other men. I've been with mine for almost 5 years and I've never look at other guys and NEVER fantasies about them either. Why should I look at the menu when I'm already full? And when he comes home from work, I make room for dessert. Trust me. There are a lot of us who won't look at other guys unless we regret the one we are currently with.
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Yes they do cause sometimes they c what they like so they loo at what they like but as long as they not cheating
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I am guy and for one do not look at other women when I am with my partner at all. NEVER. Even when I am not with her. I can appreciate like a fine piece of art the physical attributes of a women that I might comment to my girlfriend that men might find attractive. But it is a cold observation, and on the rare occasion that I allow myself even to venture to such a place, it is done without hiding because there is no guilt as my partner understands that there is absolutely no associated sexual desire.

1) She will not like it
2) There is no point, unless there is a potential and motivation to act on any such interest.

As a general rule, I will not do this in the company of any women, as it might affect their sense of attractiveness to men.

In response to the married woman of 22. In my view if you are married you are married. There are many things in life we need to pursue and finding a partner is one of them, you are lucky in that you have one. A relationship is more than the initial acceptance of mutual  physical attraction that leads you to get to know one another in the first place. It is about companionship and understanding with someone who is essentially to coin a cliche the female version of you or at least some you are compatible with; that understands you.

50% roughly of the human population is female, among which there are plenty you would be physically attracted to, and I'm sure, many much better looking than your partner: This is not the main point.

In relation to picking the right man with right "assets", well as I said, this is not the main point. Secondly the man you date is a function of your life and surroundings and the social constrains that dictate the kind of people you end up meeting and socialising with. Thirdly what after all the inspection, you find with time as undoubtedly you will (unless your partner is certifiably the most beautiful man in the world) that there are men out there with better physical assets than your partner, ok, now what?

In summary, physical important. Absolutely. Dynamic and interaction is then key after the attraction test has been passed.
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Women are going to look at other men it is human nature.  It doesn't mean that she isn't into you.  Actually you should take it as a compliment because she see's something in you that has made her even more interested than just a quick peek.  You can't tell me you have never looked at another woman when you have been with her- all men do.
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Yes, but that does not mean that they are looking for someone new. Cause when she looks back at you, who she is in love with, she will be happy and content with her handsome man rather than some asshole walking around.

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