How To Hate A Person Whom You Love Very Much But He Doesn't Love You?


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It's very tough to hate a person whom you love very much, but he doesn't love's also not really the answer. Hate is a very powerful, destructive emotion that tends to harm the person who feels it. Hate is dark and bitter - while it's easy to understand why you'd want to stop loving someone, because your love is not returned, hating them is not going to stop the pain, because feeling hatred is just another form of pain, directed mostly at the self.

Ways To Get Over Someone

• The best way to get over someone is simply to give yourself time to recover from the emotions you're feeling. Love may happen fast, but it can fade fast, too - especially when love is unrequited. When love is not returned, it tends to die; you could compare it to a plant that isn't receiving sunlight, water, and oxygen. In time, if your love is not returned, it will likely die a natural death. In a month, or a few months, your feelings will start to lose their intensity - that is a sign that you have reached some level of acceptance about the situation.

• Sometimes, when the pain of loving someone does not go away, it is a symptom that something is wrong; certain personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder, can trigger painful obsessions with other people. Sometimes, the struggle of enduring unrequited love will also triggers mental disorders, such as depression. Luckily, these disorders can be soothed and eased with therapy. Finding a good therapist is an excellent way to take care of yourself while you are experiencing these emotions.

Hate is not the answer - loving yourself enough to move on is the key to a better life. There are millions of people on the planet, and one or many of them will be very happy to spend time with you, or to have the opportunity to love you. Instead of looking back in anger, look forward with hope.
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Hating them will get you nowhere , just stay far , far away from them and give them a chance to miss you and then see what happens , month or longer

Good luck

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I have one friend who does not return friendship. I need to hate him as i want to relief from heart-broken feeling whenever i think about him. I know him since 8 years. He get tension whenever i send sms or call. He does not read at all and deleted.You know guys that He saved my number as a dog in his mobile. Still i m waiting for him to accept my friendship. Or any one have best solution to avoid such friend, pls write for me. I will be grateful for you. Thanks
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I don't think so that if you love a person so much and spend your most of time with that person, always share your each and every feeling with that person. You are always with that person either in good or bad times. And you love that person more devotedly, and can do anything for that person.

Then it's very impossible that, you hate that person, it might be possible that for the time being you are angry with him/her, but later on you will forget his/her mistake. In our heart love and hate at the same time, for the same person can't exists.

If there is some very serious problem between you people then it can be possible that you start hating him/her, but at some corner of your heart you will always love that person. If that person is in pain, you will also feel his/her pain and will try your best to remove his/her pain or problem.If your love is true, then you will forgive his/her every mistake, and will always try to remove misunderstandings from his/her mind.Love is not that much week bond, which break after some time or because of some misunderstandings, it is a long lasting feeling, which always remain in our heart.
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Do he know that your in love with him , better confirm it before making any kind of move , talk to him , not all men are clever enough to understand the signs
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Love is a relation where there is no phase of hating your partner. When you love someone it means you are giving up everything for thing, love means sacrifice for each other. Simply if you love someone and she hates some of your habits and you hates some of her habits it is natural that both of you will try to get rid of those habits and may be one's love is not that much real than one of you two will definitely look upon his or her habits and will change them for his or her love one. In my words I call it the power of love.
Where there stands a question of hating someone I will only say that it is only possible when the one you loves most deceives you.

You know when one loves someone he depends on the lover, his nights, days, dreams, etc every thing is for the lover. The one trusts so much on his or her love that when he or she came to know that his or her love is deceiving there comes rage, insecurity of love and last stage hate. I believe If you love someone do not deceive your love because if ones love turns into hate it is real bad actually curse for other one or the lover will stay quiet and will leave you in your happiness if you are happy after all this.
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You don't. You just learn to love and respect yourself more in order to move on and find someone who will return your feelings.Hating on someone just because HE doesn't love YOU is pointless and a waste of precious time. Let it go for your sake.

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Well I have always heard there is a fine line between love and hate. I myself don't believe I could love and hate someone at the same time. I have however, told my better half, who I love very much, that I was not liking them very much at the moment. That is what I say when they do something that really irritates me and I just truly want to scream or something. So maybe that is what you are feeling...the pressure point feeling.
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I have one friend who is not love me, still I show him as a true friend but he is not willing to accept my friendship. Yes I know him since 8 year. Actually I donot care abt any one. As he said,I care for him for few months. But he said, I torched him from my words. I'm mentally affected. I can understand and said all of my problem with him. But He get tension whenever I speak with him. Now a days he do not read my sms and calls. I'm so affected. Pls any one give me a good idea to hate him. You know guys  he saved my number as a dog in his mobile. Still I could not hate him.
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Why do you want to do that, because it won't solve whatever problem it is that you have with this person.  It is easy to hate yourself, but much more difficult to hate someone for the sake of doing so.  You can always try turning them against you, then you will really hate them (but hate yourself at the same time).
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There's no why to do this.I've tried it doesn't work it's a.wast of time..try loving them in a deferent kind of way. And it will work out..   Good luck...

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