The girl whom i loved said me that "i hate you...get a life..stay away from me...or you are going to regret it...................idiot!" so what should i do now..plz help me.. DddddSdddddddddddodnnnownow.plnspllsomebody help me?


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Id stay away and find a new girl to love because the old girl doesn't have feelings for you
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Aashish Sharma
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Hey there a beautiful quote about lve "It takes a minute to like someone, and hour to love someone, but to forget someone takes a life time......" i can't forget her ....she is in my blood....
Shahzada ayoub
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Then make a castle in the air for her ;)
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Herold Gregy answered
Get a copy of her house key (or just sneak in a window), fill her room with her favorite flowers, and leave her a lovey poem on her bed. Then send her anonymous love letters, until she starts to fall for her "secret admirer". After you've captured her affection anonymously, open up to her and reveal your identity and tell her how you feel. OR, just move on and find someone who's not so rude.

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