What Do You Do With Your Lips While French Kissing?


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Just open & close them. Try to mimic the way he is doing it. It can be for a couple seconds or a couple minutes, even. Sometimes it can be slow, soft, & sensual. And sometimes it's fast and hard. However he is making out with you ; is usually how he wants to be made out with, too. If he's going to fast {[which, personally I DON'T LIKE]}, and it feels like he's trying to swallow you. Stop! And, don't be mean, but be like, this is how I want you to kiss me. Place your hand on his face {[preferably right]}, and have your thumb in front of his ear -not ON it- & your other four fingers in the back of his ear -not ON it-. You can have your other hand running through his hair or even do what I do, tickle his neck. {[AKA: Gently caress it with your fingertips.]} Usually, [most] guys like when you rub their neck softly, or run your fingers through there hair. {[It usually surprises them. ;] If you catch my drift.]} Guys have tons of nerve endings in there head & it will undoubtedly cause a reaction. {[A good one.]} -But, in simpler terms: Go with the flow. Don't try too hard, and take your time. Why rush? :]
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Girls:hands around neck, you sorta suck while rubbin your Tongue along
Boys:we put hands on ass, jus Tongue lik hell
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Ok umm honestly haha these tips are very useless because when the time comes you'll be so into the moment you won't even think it just comes
naturally don't even worry about it if you really want to and you guys love eachother go for it :D remember NATURALLY -me
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Its not a huge thing about the lips, let your tongue control, word of advice though don't put your whole mouth around the other persons lips, its just a gross feeling!

Good Luck!!

I'm sure you not THAT bad LOL

- Erica
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Basically, suck their top lip with your top lip and tongue and let him suck your  bottom lip with his bottom lip and tongue, stroke his hair and rub up and down his back because there are nerves all down the back which will keep him calm.
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Just sortof open your lips sorry I don't know haha good luck
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Well my skills are pretty amazing in just about everything, so let me tell you that you should go with the flow. I mean literally. Sometimes I even like singing while doing this soulful activity.


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