For guys only: Do you get turned on when you're French kissing a girl and she sucks on your tounge?


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Lisa Profile
Lisa answered
I don't mind it...sorry
Javen Martinez Profile
Javen Martinez answered
Hell yeah...I love when a girl sucks on my tongue when we're kissing. Me and my girl just had this convo yesterday lol and I guess its the fact that Its more sexual and intimidate then just regular kissing! I don't know the exact reason but every time she does it I get a hard on immediately...Maybe It's just me I'm just mad horny lol
James Profile
James answered
Yes, it is very sexy.
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
Maybe =P
Dylan Lemke Profile
Dylan Lemke answered
I don't know, nvr happened to me before
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Tongue Sucking? No! Thats not a turn on at all..Just stick to regular french kissing.
It depends on how she does it... If its aggressive then its a turn off but if its a gentle slow kind of suck then its a turn on :) it depends if the girl knows how to do it :P

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