What Are Your Turn Ons (for Guys)?


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My biggest turn on with guys is a good smile. It says a lot about them if you look deep enough into it. My weakness on a guys body is their back. I loooove hot muscular backs haha and the eyes are an obvious turn on. And when you can see that the person has self respect and will respect others, that's another plus. I love men. End of story
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I can digg it!
Paul Constantinescu
After they pass the beauty filter... (my kids have to be beautiful you know) I like a women who is smart and not too agressive, and really important is a sense of humor and for her to understand me and for us to click. I like a women that you can argue with and be cool with her the next five minutes. I also like for a women to want love from me so I can express my love for her. Also a lot of guys are suckers for women that care about them or at least act like they care about them. Another really important thing is that she is not very selfish and she doesnt only think about herself. Charisma and personality are attractive.
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At age 50 and married with 5 sons, my turn ons include a well cooked steak dinner and a few pints of Guinness.The rest is academic.

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