What Turns A Guy On? (Sexually)


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Buy something sexy....lace or a pantyhose and just walk towards him, wearing it, with a smile and ask "you like it?" then try to find out what he might be thinking by looking at his eyes....normally men cannot hide their feelings when they are sexually aroused and they bare their souls through their eyes in those cases!
And just let instinct take over you...let him lie down and do whatever you think will please him
talk to him when he's making lo you and ask him what he likes...kiss him and ask him...
Touch him and tell him how much you look forward to simply please him in bed..
That's kind of important to know what your partner likes.....if you can't give him that he might go look elsewhere...not that am trying to freak you out......but you need to know what are the small things that make him breathless, or make a hissing of pleasure, or close his eyes and fight for control, or make his jaw tighten with sexual need.....if you sort this out then you are going to be his sexual fantasy for a long long time and he'll feel that he is the luckiest man alive on earth!!
Good luck....hope I didn't say something to embarrass or hurt you in any way...
If I did I apologize..
Xxxxxx angel
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A females body
If away woman talks to you in a sexy manner
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A girl's Body and sexy smile!!! And also a kiss>...
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A great body massage to full completion, including down there, while I lay back and enjoy. Or for you to tease me by wearing skimpy clothes that show a lot of skin and cleavage.

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