How Do I Turn My Husband On Sexually?


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me personally would just shock him and walk into the room he was, either in something dead sexy or nothing at all.  That usually turns him on.  And weight shouldn't matter, we all go through stages of putting on weight but you know what if your husband loves you he will still feel sexually attracted to you no matter what.  Another one is to offer him a massage and use some sexy oils from ann summers (try the ones you can lick back off) and when you give him a massage make sure its an all body one (if you get me).  Hope this helps :)
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Well the first thing you should do is before he gets home from work put on something sexy. then lite candles, get some fruit and whipped cream then put it on him and lick it off it goes both ways.
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For the moment, forget aesthetics, forget physical appearance, think about your connection with your husband, the companionship that led you choose each other as wedded partners, to make such a commitment. Then think about what he likes; clothing on you, colours, scents (a new perfume can drive a man crazy), but most importantly think about what YOU like. For instance, if you happen to like the feel of silk, invest in some silk bed sheets, or if you like the taste of martini, buy some martini, if you like the feeling of being barefoot and sprawled out on a sofa, go for it, go crazy, have fun....this is time to be selfish as well as thinking about what he wants. Another reason you should think about what you want is because a woman who knows what she wants and is confident in herself IS irresistable. Personally I think you need to give blatant hints to him, that would pleasantly startle a reaction from him; e.g. if he entered the room to find you had changed things about the room, were wearing brand new lingerie/dress, maybe some heels, had some tasteful music on and wearing a flirtatious smile...remind him of when you guys first got together maybe. You go girl!
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when he is doing dishes or something "push" him against the counter and then go from there..... or just let some clothing "slip"
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I would love to turn him on hes so tied or mad or I'm at work I guess its all about timing for us
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One factor to consider is your weight. Its a sexual turn-off when a wife/GF had put on the pounds. This is a common reason for guys to stray, and start seeing another woman. Usually, the other woman has the same built/body that she had when they were dating. If weight is not a factor, see how he reacts to seeing you watch porn. Most guys will be intrigued to see their wife/GF watching porn, and will ask "why are you watching this." You answer "I'm curious, why don't you sit and watch with me. I'm thinking we should try something we've never thought of" and see how he reacts. Generally, most guys will sit and watch, then gradually have the urge to ravage you as the movie progresses. Another strategy is to introduce aphrodisiacs into his food/water without his knowledge. This is how some women induce pregnancy without having to pressure their husbands into it. Does he like oysters? I've read somewhere that oysters have aphrodisiac qualities. Research "aphrodisiac" and you'll find many foods and cuisine that heightens a man's desires.

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Its hard to make anyone one feel anything for you. So less focus on making him want you and more focus on showing him how great you are. Act kinda cocky and flaunt what you've got, a lot of guys I know thinks that's pretty hot. But try to only do it around each other and not in public, that can be a turn off.

I don't know much more than that. I was always so attracted to my gf's, the inside as well as the outside, that something like this would never have crossed my mind.

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